With Obama, America betrays its mission



(11/7/2012) Unfortunately what we predicted has come true: the people of the United States of America chose the coward, liar and pro-Islamic Barack Hussein Obama, has left enchanted by his fluty words, by his false and fatuous rhetoric, has decided to hate itself, to repudiate its historic mission; the wise and truthful words of Mitt Romney have not been sufficient to overcome the lies of Obama.

The United States of America have always fought to bring the world freedom and democracy: since in 1898 they released Cuba from the Spanish yoke, to 1917 when they occurred in the First World War deciding it in favor of the Liberal Democratic Countries against autocracies German-Ottoman; since 1941 when, after being cowardly attacked by treachery, put their men and weapons to defeat the Axis of Evil Rome-Berlin-Tokyo, to 1989 when they saw their efforts to defend Western Europe from the grip of communism rewarded by the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet Union; since 1991 when they defeated the first time the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein to release the small invaded Kuwait, to 2003 when they defeated it finally giving freedom to the Iraqi people; since 1999 when they saved the people of Kosovo from genocide ordered by Slobodan Milosevic, to 2001 when, after the deaths of September 11, they gathered their forces and gave battle to the fanatic and murderess regime of the Taliban to free the people of Afghanistan; until 2011 when they released the people of Libya from forty regime of the tyrant Muammar Gaddafi.. But today the people of the United States of America, apparently not even tired after four years of intoxicating masochism, considered more pleasant the fake pacifism of Barack Hussein Obama, his helding out his hand to all the tyrants and dictators of the world promising than never more America would use its economic power, political and military to oust them from their thrones of blood. The people of the United States of America has decided to abdicate its historic mission, that Manifest Destiny announced for the first time by John L. O'Sullivan in 1845: free all the peoples of the world from the darkness of ignorance and barbarism, and join them in the World Empire of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights.

Rejecting its historic mission, refusing the fate that the Almighty God has chosen for it and which it was called into existence for, America will become a nation like all the others, wrapped in its nationalistic narrow-minded selfishness propped up by the slogan of the community of blood and land, embroiled in the intrigues of secret diplomacy and policies of internal and external oppression that have afflicted the rest of mankind for most of its history. The people of the United States of America has decided that maybe thinking that Barack Hussein Obama will not declare war on other countries, and therefore U.S.A. and the world will be at peace; but the war that the new Axis of Evil Moscow-Beijing-Tehran declared aganinst the West, against its values, against its civilization based on the immortal and inalienable principles of equality of all human beings and on the right of every man and woman to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, since the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, the war that had its tragic Golgotha in destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11 2001, will not stop some for the beautiful face of Barack Hussein Obama nor his fluty words: America will be hit hard by his enemies, God forbid!, by the enemies of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights, and bleed beneath their blows, and will be dismembered, scattered to the four winds and thrown into the dustbin of history, as befits those cowardly bury the talents entrusted to them by the Lord God Almighty rather than to make them fruitful.

Now what other people can take such a high task? Muslims are born only to make the bomber; the Africans have never stopped killing each other, as demonstrated by the tragic butcheries in Rwanda and Congo; the Europeans can not agree on anything; the Russians have no idea of what democracy is; China is plunged into the most blind ideological Communist conservatism Latin America follows obediently anyone has el dinero... Only one people is saved from the universal corruption: Israel. Only the people of Israel, the only liberal democracy in a Middle East slave of tyrants and dictators secular and theocratic, has the moral strength and courage to bear the great honor to fight to save the West from the assault of terrorist Islamic fundamentalism and from the new Axis of Evil Moscow-Beijing-Tehran, and to be for us mondialists the new spearhead, the new aircraft carrier, the new forward base from which to build the World Empire that will bring peace, prosperity, freedom and justice for all mankind. And so the people of Israel will win honor and glory from carrying out this noble mission. As our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, "salvation is from the Jews", now and forever. Amen.

Sigillum Triplex

God bless Israel, sweet land of liberty !

Long life to the coming World Empire !

annuit coeptis



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