No place for Islam in the world



(07/03/2016) The Steering Committee of the globalist party, together with all its members throughout the world, as he hands the most sincere condolences to the families of the 20 innocent victims of yet another massacre committed by barbarians and inhuman Islamic terrorists, and while invoking the Almighty, the Lord of heaven and earth, that He may welcome them into His Kingdom and give them eternal life, can not fail to remind to the forgetful Italian, to all forgetful West stupefied by the sugary rhetoric of Obama and Bergoglio, that these atrocious killings are not a result of natural events such as earthquakes or floods, or of unfortunate car, rail or air accidents due to drowsiness or technical failures or psychological problems of a pilot left by his wife, and even - as the chancelleries, bishoprics and NGOs try, lying, to convince you - the bigotry of a few extremists that you might find in all religions.

Hypocrites! Perhaps Christians or Jews, Hindus or Buddhists are blowing up in the middle of the crowds to drag with them to the next world as many as possible of "infidels"? Perhaps Christians or Jews or Hindus or Buddhists stab in the streets the members of other religions or atheists, perhaps they introduce themselves secretly in the 13-year old girls bedroom to stab them to death? Of course nay! Only members of one specific religion accomplish all these killings, all these slaughters, all these atrocities: Islam.

Muslims commit terrorist attacks around the world, from Nairobi and Dar es Salaam in 1999 to  9/11 2001, from Bali to Madrid to Casablanca, from London to Mumbai to Buenos Aires, from Paris to Brussels, from Istanbul to Dhaka; Muslims examine their hostages, make them an examination of Quranology, release those who can recite the verses of the Quran and torture, kill the "infidels" and rage over their dead bodies, without having pity even for women, even of a pregnant woman.

Muslims go out in the streets and squares partying horribly whenever a Jew is stabbed in the back or stoned; Muslims justify the "holy war" against all non-Muslims on the basis of the Koran, the will of the false god Allah and the false prophet Mohammed ("Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and those among the people of the Book who do not choose the religion of truth, until they pay the tribute, and feel themselves subdued": Quran, surah IX, 29); Muslims shamelessly proclaim that in the name of jihad anything goes, even the lie (in Arabic taqiyya), also deceive non-Muslims with false words ("Islam is a religion of peace, Islam is a religion of love"), in order to sow discord in the field of "infidels", to undermine their resistance in order to subdue them more easily; Muslims in 2015 murdered 3,600 innocent people just because they were non-Muslims, Muslims in a single month - the month "sacred", indeed wicked, Ramadan which has just ended - slaughtered around the world more than 2,000 people.

Lie, they lie all blind pacifists, the left-wing Catholics who try to convince public opinion in the West that there would be a "moderate" Islam unrelated to the violence, with which we should agree to "isolate extremists" ... Hypocrites! Where are these "moderates" Muslims? Why do not they show up, if they exist? Why do not they take up arms against the so-called "extremist", why do not they defeat them, do not imprison or kill them? If the majority of Muslims were "moderate" as the Bergoglios, the Obamas and Boldrinies repeat every day, they would have to defeat for a long time the so-called "extremists." The truth is that the "moderate" Islam does not exist; the truth is that all Muslims want to subjugate the entire human race to the false god Allah and the false prophet Mohammed, and to achieve this despicable purpose all Muslims are prepared to use any means, depending on the circumstances, from deception to knives, from concealing to the explosive belts; everything, everything they deem reasonable in order to defeat the non-Muslims, even eating pork, even abstain from circumcising their children, even swear before God not to be Muslims and practice the cult of other religions.

Muslims teach their children to hate non-Muslims, not to have relations with them ("They want you to be disbelievers as they are, and then you would be equal. So do not choose friends from their ranks until they emigrate for the cause of Allah. But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever you find them. So do not take each other neither friends nor allies": Quran, surah IV, 89), to persecute them and kill them until they convert to Islam ("When then will the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, take them, surround them, lie in wait in ambush everywhere. If we convert and perform the prayer and pay the poor-due, then leave ": Quran, surah IX, 5,"sword verse"). Muslims do not engage, as do Westerners, for the scientific and social progress, to combat illiteracy, poverty and disease, because they despise the life in this world and only want to exterminate all non-Muslims so to earn heaven as he taught them the false prophet Mohammed ("If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your tribes, the property which you have acquired, the commerce of which you fear the ruin and the homes you love are dearer than Allah and His Messenger and struggle for the cause of Allah, then wait until Allah brings about His decree! Allah does not guide the people of the ungodly ": Quran, surah IX, 24).

Muslims do not want to recognize the equal dignity and rights to women than to men, nor to non-Muslims than the believers in Allah and Mohammed. Muslims do not want to co-exist in peace and tolerance with the rest of mankind. Islam is incompatible with a united and peaceful world, with a world based on respect for freedom, democracy and human rights. Islam is the Not-assimilable, the Not-integrable, the Enemy of mankind.

There is no place for Islam in the world. There is no place for 1,300 million Muslims in the world. There is no place even for a single Muslim in the world.

"What then?" you may ask, "Should we kill with our hands the first Muslim that we meet on the street? Should we organize patrols of volunteers, "death squads" to kill Muslims who live in our cities? ". NAY, NAY, NAY!

In any well-ordered society, in which the principle of division of labor exists, and it is up to ordinary citizens the performance of the various trades and professions, and the priests have the duty to pray to God for the good of the people, the task of defending society from enemies and to maintain order and security is up to Principles, ie the rulers of the various states, and those who carry the profession of arms under the command of the rulers of the states. For this reason the Apostle of the nations (Rom 13: 4) admonishes Christians to respect the just laws and not to commit crimes, "because the prince does not bear the sword in vain; for he is the minister of God, an avenger to execute His wrath of those who do evil"; and St. Thomas Aquinas, in his Summa Theologica, clearly explains how the good ruler duties also include, under certain conditions, making the war:

«In order for a righteous war three things are required.

First, the authority of the prince, by order of which the war is to be proclaimed. In fact, a private person has no power to make war: for it can defend their right to recourse to the judgment of his superior. And also because it does not belong to a private person collecting the multitude, which is indispensable in the wars. Since however the care of public affairs is attached to the principles, it is for them to defend the public good of the city, the kingdom or province to which they preside. And how they can lawfully defend with the sword against internal disruptive when they punish the evildoers, as the Apostle says [Rom 13: 4]: "Do not bear the sword in vain the authority; for he is the minister of God , an avenger to execute His wrath of those who do evil", so it is up to them to defend the state against external enemies with the sword of war ...

Second, it requires a right cause: that is a fault on the part of those against whom war is waged. So writes St. Augustine [Quaest. in Iosue 10]: "It is usual to define the right wars revenge of the injustices: that is, if it is to eradicate a people or a city that they failed to punish the crimes of their subjects, or to return what had been taken away unjustly".

Third, it requires that the intention of those who fight is right: that is, that aims to promote good and to avoid evil. So writes St. Augustine [De civ. Of the 19, 12]: "At God's true worshipers are peaceful even wars that are made not for greed or cruelty, but for the sake of peace, that is, to suppress the evil and rescue the good"».

Well, in this case we are dealing with are two of the requirements prescribed by the Angelic Doctor so that a war is right: the "right cause", as Islam unjustly attacks all non-Muslims and claims to exterminate those who do not submit to false god Allah and the false prophet Muhammad; and the "right intention", as a war of all mankind against Islam would aim for the salvation of all mankind from the danger of extermination or a forced submission, which would be contrary to the sacred right of every human being to seek the truth about God and the world according to their ability and to obey the dictates of an upright conscience without being under constraint. In order for a war of the human race against Islam can be validly declared lacks then only one condition: that it is not declared by ordinary citizens, but by the principles of the States, by the rulers of the entire planet.

Therefore, it is the sacred duty of the governors of all states that want to oppose Islamic aggression to join forces, starting with the liberal and democratic countries, and build an Alliance for Life, Liberty and Democracy against the gang of Islam eager to impose tyranny, slavery and death. And if the current rulers of the planet refused to move war on Islam because of shameful and shameless ideological interests or ambition of power - such as the rulers of Old Europe courting Muslims to get their votes; or the Chekist tyrant Putin that supports the Islamic Shiite Iran against Sunni Muslims funded by Saudi Arabia just to impose his hegemony over all of Eurasia; or even the pro-Islamic tyrant Barack Hussein Obama, who want to impose sharia law by fraud on the United States of America and throughout the West - then the righteous anger of the people will rise up against them, depose them from their thrones of lies with the vote or with weapons, and will choose new leaders capable and willing to move war against murderess Islam and erase it from the face of the Earth, as fascism and communism have been erased from the world, for the good of all mankind.

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