Message from the Future



(11/25/2323) Greetings to you, men and women of the twenty-first century! I'm Alex van Buren, Grand Master of the Templar Reborn, and I send this message through a dimensional passage to inform you about the future path of mankind, and give you the strength to go through the times of iron and fire that await you.

More than 150 years, the World Empire is a reality. The Big Project, for which dozens of generations of Templars and members of Globalist Party sacrificed their lives, has reached its fulfillment October 7th year 2170. On that day, the feast of Mary Queen of Victories, the General Assembly of the Oceanic Union of Democracies, a coalition of countries led by the United States of America who had fought and defeated the Russo-Sino-Islamic Axis of Evil, proclaimed the birth of the United States of the World (USW).

The United States of the World are a federal republic founded on the right of every human being to life from conception to natural death, on the three principles of freedom, equality and solidarity, and on "collaborative distinction" between Sacred and Profane. Every town and village in the world, big or small, has complete autonomy in administering 80% of the money collected through taxes from its citizens, and devolve the remaining 20% to the counties, each with an area of 10,000 square kilometers, serving the needs common to more towns and villages; counties in turn devolve 20% of their finances - ie 4% total (20% 20%) of the fees paid by every citizen - to the governments of Federated States, and these finally devolve 20% of their budget - ie 8 per thousand (20% 20% 20%) of the fees paid by every human person - to the Government of the Federation, which uses it to finance projects on a global scale.

In these 150 years the Federal Government has successfully conducted important programs of hydrogeological reorganization in the areas so far disrupted by floods and natural disasters: the Sahara desert and the steppes of Central Asia are now blooming gardens, thanks to impressive works of engineering that extract water from underground reservoirs dating from the last ice age, and distribute it through a dense duct system. Malaria is now a distant memory, after the Anopheles mosquito was conducted to extinction releasing into the environment genetically modified males, and even the Ebola virus and HIV, that both flagellated your age, have been eradicated.

Federal law prohibits child labor, guarantees to every worker of Earth a minimum wage sufficient to ensure a dignified life to him/her and to family, regulates the cooperation between employers and workers within companies. Prostitution is prohibited, abortion is allowed only in case of danger to the mother's life (which has brought down the number of abortions performed worldwide each year to percentages statistically petty); violence against women is severely repressed by the criminal codes of all the Federated States, and considerable resources have been used successfully in extensive educational programs to the people of the Third World in order to instill in the minds and hearts of the younger generation the principle of 'equal dignity of women and men.

All mankind uses only one currency. Internet has been extended the whole planet and has become Globalnet, the Global Network; through it each person can freely seek information on every field of human knowledge, do business, maintain relations with the government, study, buy, sell and play using a microchip implanted under the skin in the left hand.

The USW Constitution guarantees and protects the right to profess any religion that does not conflict with the equality of all human beings, equality between men and women and freedom of apostasy and conversion. Therefore Islam and Hinduism were declared "illegal religious", but then, after the massacres that took place during the Great Clash of Civilizations, very few Muslims and Hindus were still alive, so they did not create problems of public order. Christianity, in its various denominations, is still the most prevalent religion, because it was the one practiced by the majority of men and women who survived to the Clash of Civilizations, and it is now spread everywhere, with almost 3.5 billion followers; just after the final defeat of Islam conversions have been so quickly and numerous, that already in 2145, when the World Empire was not yet born and the Oceanic Union ruled by colonies the countries defeated and conquered to democracy, Pope John Paul V himself officiated at Mecca the solemn Mass of inauguration of the Cathedral, built in less than five years, and capable of hosting 7,000 faithful.

Sure, now that things are going pretty well, it seems impossible that mankind was about to become extinct three centuries ago, when Barack Hussein Obama killed with his own hands the newly elected President Hillary Clinton while he was vowing on the Bible and proclaimed himself Emir of Americas broadcast worldwide, while Iran incinerated with a rain of nuclear missiles Tel Aviv and Haifa, Riyadh, Amman and Istanbul, Israeli submarines in revenge destroyed Tehran and Isfahan, and India and Pakistan annihilated each other. Sure were hard times for you and your children - or should I say: they will be? - when the Bloody Tyrant Obama imposed sharia as the supreme law of the United States of America with the support of the Pasdaran, and along with his godfather Khamenei, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping signed the Washington Treaty which established the division of the world into continental blocks - America, Eurasia, the Caliphate (Shiite) and Greater China - and the outlawing of liberalism, democracy, capitalism and "Zionism". In those years of great tribulation the Globalist Party was the only light of hope for mankind: after discovering the secret plots woven by Obama with the regime of the ayatollahs (too late to foil them, unfortunately), at least we managed to rescue the young Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and the senior vice Democrat newly elected president Joe Lieberman, replacing them with some "doubles" who were killed in the massacre of the Inauguration Day along with all the members of Congress and the top of the US Armed Forces; later, with the help of units of the Army and the National Guard who had not pledged allegiance to the new regime, we launched from Cheyenne the Proclamation of Rebellion, and after six years of heavy fighting we finally freed the whole territory of the United States of America and captured the Emir Obama, who was put on trial, convicted for treason against humanity and hanged together his wife and daughters who, fanatically, had supported him to the last.

So many things I would still have to tell you, men and women of the twenty-first century, but you would not be able to bear the weight; nor indeed the revelation of the terrible future that awaits you could change even one iota, since, for the Law of Conservation of Historical Flow discovered by our scientists fifty years ago, we can not change what for us is the past (as Professor Takako Shimizu of Kyoto University emphatically will say, "Nature hates time paradoxes"). This message that we send in the day when we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King of Universe wants therefore only be an invitation to be strong, not to bend the head even in the face of the most ruthless tyrants, never to despair: the cities destroyed by atomic fire have risen/will rise more beautiful than before, and the World Empire of the sons of men will never end.


  One World

Advenit novus ordo seclorum

annuit coeptis



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