Family romance: a brief story of History



(10/13/2012) A man named Athens, educated and wise, married two women, Rome and Jerusalem: the one was right and the other faithful. From this triple union was born a boy named Euro that, after the (violent) death of parents, went to live with an uncle called Middle-Age, in a palace made with columns and pieces of old buildings.

As a young adult, Euro was given in marriage by Middle-Age to Fatima, his cousin who had inherited the wisdom and wealth of his parents. The marriage was not a happy one: Fatima wanted to dominate her husband who, tired of her bullying, repudiated her when she was already pregnant and fell in love with his slave America, a hardworking woman of considerable practical sense.

From their union was born Modernity, a girl of great attractiveness; for this reason, and for the wealth of her parents, many men courted: Franšois, Karl, Mario, Ivan, Chung... but she, while giving her favors to each according to the order of time, not permanently tied to any of them. This was a source of considerable concern for her parents, who, however - not least because of personal disagreements - disagreed profoundly on the choice of future husband. Euro, which boasted of possessing a superior culture, would gladly have given his daughter to her half-brother Alý, son of Fatima; but he hated Modernity, considering her a whore and a sinner, and secretly tried to kill her and her mother. Instead America, proud of his wealth and power, preferred Geo, a poor but honest young that would taken a great benefit from inheriting the wisdom of Athens, the law of Rome, the faith of Jerusalem and the wealth of America.

At the end America, tired of having to watch her backs, came to duel with Alý, and after a furious battle lasting three days and three nights, killed him; then she forbade the old Euro and gave Modernity in marriage to Geo. And the two young, as in all fairy tales, lived happily ever after.

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